Information on Hotels and Travelling



How to get to Oldenburg, Germany


From the Airport of Bremen, Germany:


  1. Take tram 6, or a taxi to Bremen Hbf (Main Station).
  2. Take the train in direction of Oldenburg. Check for time info at the main station DB-Info desk in the main entrance hall.


From any other airport please check for information yourself. The German Train Info can be found on:


To go to the University of Oldenburg take bus 306 in the direction of Wechloy, which leaves from the Main Station, and also from the ´Julius Mosen Platz´ (near the hotel we pre-booked). This bus terminates at the Campus of Natural Sciences (Carl von Ossietzky-Strasse), where our workshop will take place. !! Please do not exit the bus at the bus stop ´University´, but wait till the last stop ´Carl von Ossietzky-Strasse`!!


For German speaking persons, also check:



Hotel Information


There are several hotels in Oldenburg. For general information on hotels in the center of the city, and therefore on a relative good location for getting to the university, look at:


and choose ´Stadtzentrum´ under ´Hotels in Oldenburg nach Lage´


We would advise you to book ´Hotel Sprenz´, since it is relatively near the bus stop to the university, near the city center and it is not too expensive.


Tel. ++49 – 441 – 8008880 (also check ´Adresse´).


Just mention you are participating in the ´MM5 Workshop at the University´, then you could get a room with shower and toilet for € 48,-. Other prices are on their site (there are cheaper ways to in this hotel starting at € 36,-).


Another option is:


If you like a more special, but also more expensive, place, you could consider booking: